Door Handles

Modern door handles can greatly improve your home in an instant - especially solid stainless steel door lever handles and contemporary door handle pull sets.  Stainless steel designer handles are preferred for modern doors:

  • Architectural Grade - Manufactured to the best standards and designed to withstand daily use

  • Superior Stainless Steel - 304-grade stainless steel will withstand the elements, suits outdoor and indoor use

  • Full Set - Comes complete with everything you need for simple installation

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Entry doors and passage doors both can be upgraded with superior door hardware from Hansdorf.  Door lever handles are manufactured to the highest standards, made from 304-grade stainless steel, making them highly resistant to rust.  Stylish door handles are designed to last and will retain the aesthetic appeal that you desire for your door - whether your house is in Sydney, Canberra, or Adelaide.

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Modern front doors are best complemented by contemporary door pulls.  Hansdorf offers premium door furniture including door handle pull sets that are also great for your internal doors, as the minimalist style and brushed stainless steel finish are suitable to any modern home decor.  Door pull handles are available online in pairs, in either 400mm or 650 mm, and you can choose between round and square pull handles. Order a door handle pull set today and we’ll have it delivered to you in Melbourne, Perth, or Brisbane.

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Door lever handles manufactured from 304 stainless steel are best for outdoor and indoor use.  These are solid and heavier and not like cheap door handles that can lose their coating after a while.  Stainless steel door handles will naturally weather the elements and the beautiful brushed look will be retained over the years with simple cleaning and little maintenance.  Shop Hansdorf door handles right now and experience it yourself.

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High quality door handles are available right now - you can buy a door lever handle or door pull handle right now.  Purchase Hansdorf door hardware - even mortice locks, door stoppers, and outdoor fixtures - and we’ll process your order right away and ensure they are dispatched in as quick as the same day.  We’ll have items delivered to you wherever you may be in Australia. If you need more help with buying online, just contact the friendly service team of Vanguard Design Group at (03) 8682 8585 weekdays from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM or email us at

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