Pool Fence Spigots

Spigots for glass pool fencing help you get a complete view of your pool area without unnecessary obstructions.  These fully frameless spigots add to your aesthetics and will last for years.

  • Durable Decor - spigots made from highly durable anodised aluminium alloy that’s more resistant to corrosion and produced using a more environmentally friendly process

  • DIY Install - safely slide your safety glass sheets into the spigots’ rubber lined clamps, tighten using the bolts and allen key (included), then put the base plate - you save on installation costs!

  • Save with Sets - both round and square type spigots are available in singles and in sets of 4 pieces and 12 pieces, so you save when you buy more

Glass Fence Spigot, Pool Fence - Spigot, Fully Frameless Spigots - Australia

Hansdorf spigots for glass pool fencing are designed for use with any safety glass from 8mm to 12mm thickness.  These aluminium spigots are easy to install - you can even do it yourself as they require no holes in the glass.  The safety glass sheets are simply slid between the spigot’s interior clamps that are rubber lined for safety, then the allen key and bolts are used to tighten the hold of the spigot.  A cover for the base plate is also included to hide the base screws.

Glass Balustrade Spigots, Glass Pool Fencing - Feet, Frameless Glass Square Spigot Fence Base

Safety glass fencing provides a clear and unobstructed view of the areas beyond or within the fence - and safety glass fencing spigots provide a secure and safe base to hold the glass 50mm above the ground.  Made from anodised aluminium alloy, Hansdorf spigots are manufactured for durability as well as aesthetics, so they are also a minimalist decor in your pool or outdoor area.

Glass Pool Fence Spigots, Swimming Pool Fence - Round Style Spigot, Square Vertical Tilt Clamp

Shop glass fencing spigots online today - choose square spigots for sharp and smart looks, or round spigots for a softer vibe.  Hansdorf will dispatch within one to two business days and you’ll get your spigots soon whether you’re in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney or anywhere in Australia.  You will also be entitled to a 30-day money back guarantee in case you decide to return and ask for a refund - Hansdorf gives you though a 1-year warranty against manufacturing faults.

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