Key Safe Padlock

Hansdorf Product Code : SERR-783265-0621

This key safe padlock will keep your spare keys safe from theft, but easily accessible to those that know the code.

It's high security padlock structure and design means it can be stored almost anywhere.

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Premium and Smart Alternative

When you need a spare set of keys or leave keys out for guests or tenants you can rely on this combination digital padlock.  Its reliable security and portability allows a wide-range of use. Our combination safety lock is constructed of rubber-coated heavy-duty metal making it safe and secure and easy to handle.

You can now safely leave a key for guests or cleaners or for those times your normal set is misplaced.

Important information

It is essential that you read the operating instructions that come with your lock before use. It is important to understand the functioning of this safety lock before initial operation or when you need to change combination numbers. This key safe will be delivered to you without a code. Therefore, the first time you use it, you will need to select a secret code.

The instructions that accompany your safety combination lock will describe how to open the key safe for the first time; how to select and save a new code; and, how to make your lock truly portable and move it from location to location.

Features and Specifications:

•    Heavy duty metal construction
•    Rubber-coated finish
•    Net weight: 600g

Internal Dimensions:

Width: 40mm

Height 70mm

Depth 25mm 


5 Year manufacturer warranty against manufacturing faults for the Stainless Steel Handle Set, standard warranty applies for all other components - see product documentation and Returns and Warranties Policy.

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